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Faebruary #2 - Bluebird and Redbreast

The Cliffs along the Great Emerald Sea were treacherous, a fall down on the sharp rocks could bring death through only a few moments of carelessness and one misstep.

Enitan didn’t much concern themselves with the deathly drop they were walking next to, instead they were stitching a sigil - may the wearer of this garment always be light-footed - onto the dress they’d been making for Ylfa. The Faeling in question was further away from the cliff-edge, running around and chasing a few small, winged rodents that hadn’t managed to flee into their underground-homes yet.

The Storyteller checked on the Faeling in their care now and again, but generally focused on their stitching, humming a lighthearted dancing song under their breath.

Enitan looked up from their work when a blue mass of feathers flew up from below the cliffs, immediately followed by another, red mass of feathers. The Storyteller followed the two flying beings with their eyes, watching as the two masses of feathers slowed down, unfurling a pair of wings each, exposing clawed feet and curious faces.

Both winged beings swooped down, the red one toward Ylfa, who was still chasing after the rodents. The blue one flew closer to Enitan, who had put their work away into a belt pouch, mostly to keep the magic within it safe before it was fully finished.

Once Ylfa caught sight of the blue winged being xe discarded xer activity of racing after the rodents to go after the other Fae instead. The Faeling’s legs turned from human into more wolf-like ones, like xe'd seen Enitan do before, and xe started running at the blue, birdlike creature, even jumping up to try and get it to the ground.

Enitan sighed deeply and put their hands together forming a small crystal ball between them. they held the Gray crystal between 3 fingers, close their eyes, and spoke into the crystal. "wild child! Stop. these beings or not for us to hunt or hurt. come here."

Ylfa stopped in xer tracks, xer legs turning back to the human form they normally took, and quickly ran to the Storytellers side.

Enitan put their arm around the Faeling and watched as the two winged creatures slowly flew down, landing near the two Fae.
The two feathered beings [word] together and looked at Enitan and Ylfa with turned heads.

“Who are you?” - “What do you want?” - “What do you need?” - “Why would you hunt us?” - “Why would you hurt us?”
The blue one began, with the red one following, and the two going back and forth after that.

The Storyteller raise their hand stopping the two winged creatures in their questioning. "I am the storyteller and this is the wild child we are traveling along these cliffs to get to the next portal into the Underdark. We greet you. May we know how to address you?"

The beings looked at each other, the red one flapping its wings, while the blue one scratched the earth open with its claws. After a few moments, the blue one looked at Enitan and Ylfa again.

"I am Bluebird." it said. "And I am Redbreast", said the red-feathered one.

"We live in these cliffs." - "We will let you pass" - "If you grant us a story" - "and a game"

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Faebruary #1 - the Forest's Sun

The Storyteller hummed a quiet tune as they got closer to the charred, seemingly live-less husks of burned trees at the edge of the desert Enitan had been trekking through for a full cycle of the second moon.

Leaning their head to one side, the Fae continued to walk toward the burned-down forest. There were still embers, glowing hot along the ground as if waiting for something living to approach so they could burn whoever or whatever dared to enter their domain to the ground.

Fallen branches crunched and crumbled beneath Enitan’s bare feet as they walked into the burned forest, looking around cautiously. The hearts of still burning embers seemed to reach out, grow brighter, warmer, stronger, bigger. The Storyteller just smiled slightly at them and stepped around, quietly greeting each hearth they came across with a simple “Hello, little Fire.”

Further into the Forest, the burned husks of trees growing ever close together, ever higher, ever darker, the sun went slowly down and Enitan produced a glowing, blue and green crystal ball in their hand to light the way between still glowing embers.

And as the night got darker, the Storyteller could see light coming from further into the forest. They stopped for a short time, leaning their head to one side, thinking. The light seemed to get brighter, just like the embers around them - though it seemed those further toward the light were burning stronger than those behind Enitan.

The Fae thought for a few more moments before pulling a vial of their own blood out of one of their belt-pouches, setting down the glowing crystal ball and drawing a sigil in their own blood on the poncho they were wearing - even though it was already covered in sigils stitched onto it in golden, silver, red, and blue thread. They hummed, took up their light again and continued on their way, the embers dying down slightly while they walked by.

Enitan only walked for about a hundred meters before they saw the light speeding toward them. A figure, flames dancing around its form, no body made of flesh or any other solid matter in sight. A silhouette made of flames, flying toward the Storyteller, weaving it’s way through the trees. Its approach was silent, the only sound the crackling of the embers, some of them even had flames coming up for a few seconds after the being went by them.

Completely unconcerned, Enitan stayed where they were, only raising a hand when the being got closer. When it was a few meters away, the Storyteller took a deep breath and said, softly but firmly:”Halt. I come bearing no ill intentions.”

The figure stopped two meters in front of Enitan, in mid air. It slowly descended down on the ground, and when its feet touched the charred earth, it transformed, from the feet upward.

Flaming limbs became dark grey, cracked in places, with texture like wood. The beings whole body turned into the coal the trees all around were made off.

The Storyteller bowed once the transformation was complete, eyes glowing like embers following the motion.

“I greet you. I am the Storyteller, and I am passing through this forest on my way to wherever the winds lead me.”

Cracks in the being’s skin glowed from within, almost if there was still a fire burning bellow its outer layer, as it turned its head from left to right, considering Enitan. Finally, it spoke, its voice crackling and breaking now and again, like the coals Enitan had stepped on before.

“Welcome to my forest, Storyteller. I am this Forest’s Sun. You may rest within my domain for a while. Your name and travels intrigue me - come to my home within this forest and tell me of the world outside and of its many stories, then I will grant you food and drink and a comfortable bed for every night you tell me more.”

Enitan bowed once again. “I would be delighted to tell you my stories and share my memories.” And the two Fae began walking back where the Forest’s Sun had come from, the Storyteller being lead by the other Fae.

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Goblin Prince; Enitan moodboard 1

I'm working on a longer original Project and I finally got the main character's appearance kinda down so I made a moodboard.

[if anyone wants a moodboard by me, shoot me an ask, I'm always happy to do them ^^]